Suggested Reading List for Mission Travel

Friend Raising by Betty Barnett
A good book on raising a support network which goes beyond "fund-raising" to building a community which will last for years on the field.

Foreign to Familiar by Sarah A. Lanier
A good starter on understanding cultural differences and moving from acceptance of differences to valuing them.

Missionary Methods: Saint Paul's or Ours by Roland Allen
A great book at understanding how Paul was able to go into a new work area and have a church active in a short time. Biblical basis of Church and ministry work.

Creating Communities of the Kingdom by David W. Shenk abd Ervin R. Stutzman
A great basis for church planting.

Penetrating Missions Final Frontier by Tetsunao Yamamori
A good book for those going into closed countries and cultures and unreached peoples.

Through the Eyes of God by John Marshall
What does God really say about missions? This question helped lead John Marshall in his journey into deeper understanding of the Great Commission and what God expects from believers. This book helps readers gain new perspective of God’s mission and the people He loves.

Loving the Church – Blessing the Nations by George Mily
This book shows how churches can become centers of mission vision and implementation and so accomplish God’s design for the local church.

Becoming A World Changing Church by David Mays
The objective of this book is to remind pastors and leaders that each church is part of a bigger picture. In this age at least, the Church is God’s primary means of redeeming a lost world.

Stages by George Miley
Church planting born in and carried out from local churches can be exciting and perplexing. This book is an overview of the characteristics one tends to find in churches who are birthing church planting initiatives among an unreached people group. It also explores what the church’s process might look like.

Vacations With A Purpose by Chris Eaton and Kim Hurst
If you want to participate in a short-term missions trip that is unforgettable, this hands-on guide will give you all the insights and guidelines you’ll need.

This book attempts to provide a knowledge base for those who provide leadership within the short term missions movement. Youth pastors, mission pastors, lay leaders, college and seminary students, and missiologists relevant to their concerns.

Transformission by Michael S. Wilder and Shane W. Parker
Great book for Youth Pastors! In TransforMission ,the authors, youth ministry specialists, unpack this growing movement, determined to expand it by thoughtfully exploring key questions like “What mechanisms is God using to achieve this advance in mission?” and “What is taking place in the lives of believers who obey this call?”

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