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Letter from the President

"In the spring of 1983, I stepped on a path that would become the most exciting adventure of my life. I decided to form a company specializing in international travel.

Today CVTravel (Contact Voyage Travel) is the fulfillment of my dream to encourage others to learn, to explore and to experience the wonders around us. My desire to help others go where they want to go and see what they want to see is coupled with my desire to build awareness and understanding as an important part of the journey.

Just as destination and desire are important, a good trip cannot be executed without serious emphasis on service. I am fortunate to have a dedicated staff of professionals who are in this business because they love to travel. This passion fuels their educational experience. Our staff makes every effort to offer you the best travel experience possible based on your request and your budget.

CVTravel/Kingdom Company is a travel partnership that brings our very best professional and personalized travel solutions to all your Missionaries, Staff and Beneficiaries. Our agents are trained to listen to your specific requests and ask appropriate questions to evaluate your personal travel needs. Their knowledge of domestic and world travel markets allows them to make recommendations that save you time, increase your travel comfort, and assure your safety at all times.

Getting to know you is important. Your preferences and travel history become a part of your personalized travel account so we can learn to serve you better. Most importantly, if you should need help changing itineraries or extending your stay while in a foreign country, your CVTravel/Kingdom Company travel professional becomes a lifeline. You can leave your home knowing that we are here 24/7 to assist you in any emergency.

It is a blessing and an honor to offer you our expertise and our commitment to your missionís success. Our goal is to make travel one thing you donít have to worry about."

-Norma Borella, President & CEO

  • CVTravel delivers expertise - Extensive and complicated itineraries cannot be efficiently booked online, and many times travelers must book different portions on separate websites. In addition, fare restrictions, usage rules and other important guidelines may be easily overlooked, causing difficulty later.
  • CVTravel delivers convenience - We can coordinate all aspects of your travel ---air, hotel, insurance, etc--- thereby saving you time.
  • CVTravel delivers peace of mind Ė We are here to assist you AFTER your purchase. We help to solve problems.

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